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Protect and strengthen your brand integrity with our tailored intellectual property protection solutions. Seamlessly enforce your digital assets, content, and innovations, while fostering a safe and authentic experience for your consumers.

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From influencers & creators to Tech & Gaming, Morrison Cooper takes strategic protective measures to ensure your brand and assets are safeguarded. Our solutions empower consumers to connect with your authentic brand identity safely and effortlessly.
“After seeing my monthly reports it’s INSANE other creators don’t have brand protection.”
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Our Clients

We serve top creators and industry leaders alike, providing comprehensive brand protection across every channel

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Our Method

Morrison Cooper offers comprehensive global brand protection through a unique combination of advanced software, skilled analysts, and legal expertise.
Combining AI lead software with our qualified IP analysts we detect potential threats and infringements across all corners of the internet
Harvested results are carefully reviewed by IP analysts and attorneys. eligible threats are executed with strategic enforcement to ensure compliance.
Our continuous monitoring protects brand integrity and provides invaluable metrics, including the quantifiable value recovered.

Enforcement Areas


Proactively removing counterfeit/infringing merchandise protects brand integrity, endorsement deals, and drives sales to authentic products. We take down design copies from small pop up sites to major marketplaces.
Our Services

Proactively monitor and identify counterfeit, infringing, or unauthorized merchandise.

Successfully remove and enforce identified goods.

Collect and analyze enforced listings to generate metrics for recovery value, inventory, seller names, and more.


Impersonation sites have spiked alongside the growing market of creator merchandise. Websites & domains like these are not only a threat to creators but also their fans. We find that many of these sites are malicious and can result in stolen information, fraudulent charges, and poor unsustainable products.
Our Services

We work with Hosting Providers and Registrars to disable & suspend websites, ensuring clients’ Intellectual Property rights are upheld and enforced.

UDRP & URS complaints

Social media & content

Morrison Cooper combats piracy and leaked content across social forums and platforms. We automatically identify and enforce against circumvented content and impersonating accounts. Enforcement efforts reduce consumer confusion and direct traffic back to official accounts.
Our Services

Proactively monitor and enforce popular social media platforms for impersonating accounts.

Focus on large volume and high risk targets to maintain fan accounts and promote a collective fan environment.


Your brand is not “average” and your enforcement shouldn't be either.
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Monthly monitoring and enforcement for impersonating accounts, leaked content, and/or counterfeit merchandise

Assistance w/ redacting personal information

Assistance w/ monetization and enforcement on YouTube

Delisting harmful search engine results and images

Business consultation & audit of Intellectual property

Tech & Gaming
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Routine monitoring of Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store and Amazon App Store

Search engine & marketplace monitoring for unauthorized in game assets sales and cracked / hacked promotions

Reactive enforcement for terms of service violations and circumvention of technology

Routine monitoring for impersonating domains and assistance with enforcing and disabling harmful sites

Accredited Global Block Provider: Proactive domain name blocking for registered trademark holders

Creators & Influencers
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Routine monitoring and enforcement of streaming platforms like Twitch, Kick, & YouTube

Proactive enforcement for impersonating accounts and stolen content on platforms like TikTok, X, & Instagram

Merchandise protection with enforcement against unofficial storefronts, linktree’s and counterfeits appearing in search engine results

Forum monitoring and enforcement for leaked or circumvented content

Brand Management
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Review and assessment of current IP portfolio

Monitoring of all enforcement areas, Ecommerce, Social Media, Website & Domain, and Forum sites

Global Block Protection: Proactive domain name blocking for registered trademark holders

Routine maintenance of search engine results

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